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Corruption free systems with blockchain and IndiaStack

Vishrambh Architecture


One of the primary reasons we avoid donating is because we aren't sure if the money reaches the intended beneficiary. We propose a way to allow that. The project has three components:

  1. Flexibility in donations : Choose how much, to whom and for what you are willing to donate.
  2. Verify that the your contributions are used for causes you care about where your contribution is creating the impact you desired it to.
  3. Build a network of distributed trust and employ help from locals to ensure validity of change.


The biggest disease is corruption. The vaccine is transparency. Bono, TED 2013


The main objective of the platform is to build a transparent platform where donors clearly see the impact of their donation and aims to remove corrupt middlemen/NGOs which are used for siphoning money. Going further, the aim of the project is to build a scalable and generic system that can enable processes requiring transparency.


  • Global - 3rd Place - Public Sector - Microsoft //OneWeek
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Anant Maheshwari #IndiaStack
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Anil Bhansali #IndiaStack
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Sriram Rajamani #IndiaStack
  • Winner - Microsoft India leadership challenge by Amit Sircar #Blockchain
  • Winner - Angelhack 10 - Bangalore

How it works?

Vishrambh is a DApp that is built on blockchain systems and connected to the unique offering of IndiaStack consisting of Aadhaar, UPI, and digilocker; built and maintained by the Indian government. The users of the application are classified as donors, beneficiaries, NGO partners and 3rd party partners. The authentication of each of these users happens via Aadhaar and all payments done via the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) are recorded on the blockchain.

The donors donate the money while specificying constraints on how they would like such donations being used. These are encoded into a blockchain understandable smart contract and executed as required giving the full transparent trace of the donation as it reaches the intended beneficiaries.


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  • Home page of Vishrambh