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Sudheesh Singanamalla

Ph.D Candidate - Paul G Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington.

Sudheesh Singanamalla
Email : [email protected]
Secure email: PGP 0x1038ee985fb90590
I am a final year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington, Seattle working with and advised by Prof. Kurtis Heimerl and Prof. Richard Anderson at the intersection of the Systems/Networks and ICTD Lab. Broadly I work on practical ways to distributing trust in todays heavily trusted societal scale infrastructure. Some of these efforts include decoupling trust in 4G/5G telecom infrastructure, building performant and transparent Internet infrastructure, and understanding their implications for Internet privacy. I have been fortunate to be supported by the Gaetano Borriello Endowed Fellowship For Change.

New I am graduating soon and will be joining the Faster Than Light team at Netflix within Open Connect as a senior software engineer working on edge network acceleration and measurement.

Before my Ph.D., I was a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research India, working at the intersection of Technology for Emerging Markets (TEM) with Dr. Bill Thies, and Systems & Security research with Dr. Muthian Sivathanu and Dr. Satya Lokam. At Cloudflare Research, I worked on network privacy, measurement and architecture while being advised by Dr. Chris Wood, Dr. Marwan Fayed and Nick Sullivan. I also worked closely with Dr. Srinath Setty, Dr. Weidong Cui and Dr. Sebastian Angel in the Systems Security and Cryptography group at Microsoft Research on confidential cloud services. I am also a research scientist at CyberGreen where I build high performance scanners for Internet security to measure the health and resilience of the Internet, and influence public policy in ASEAN region.