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My Open source contributions

I believe in the power of open source and giving back to community.

Why do I contribute to open source software & hardware?

I actively contribute to building and maintainting open source software because there is a lot of joy and satisfaction in knowing that every single line of code you've written is used by millions of people worldwide and helps them in performing their day to day work more effectively.

If you are considering to spend time and contribute to open source projects, here are a few other reasons why you should really consider this

  • Learning how to write quality code, understanding large code bases and contributing in design and technical discussions in the community.
  • Build and improve industry standards.
  • Make software/hardware more usable, secure and stable.
  • Having fun and making new friends from across the world.
I am very passionate about open source software and believe in its potential to change the world. I currently actively mentor 19 students in the Google Summer of Code 2017. If you think I can be guide you through your starting steps, feel free to reach out to me on