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My love affair with books and efforts to write some.

Game Automators

While I am not in front of a computer hacking away or swimming in the pool I can be found in a corner with a book in my hand. My love affair with books started young and the hobby continues till date. While I do not strictly read only from a specific genre, I am more attracted towards books that are more scientific. I've read more than 300 books so far and actively collect and share books. I have a long list of books pending to be read and would be more than happy to share the list if someone trades a book I haven't read for another in my collection.

In 2016, Surya Penmetsa and I collaboratively authored a book called Building Mobile Game Solvers as a part of an opensource crowdsourcing effort to write a book with 20 other volunteers who learnt and implemented Computer Vison, Machine Learning algorithms and Electronics circuits to automatically play mobile games.

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