Sudheesh Singanamalla
Mostly a Software & Web Developer
Sometimes also a designer
Who I am

Hi, I am Sudheesh Singanamalla, pursuing my Computer Science & Engineering major from National Institute of Technology - Warangal and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Business minor from Indian School of Business - Hyderabad.

I love playing cricket, watching beautiful pieces of art, swimming, movie hangouts followed by amazing food. I don't mind spending a day discussing various things ranging from Tech to politics to Cartoons. Oh, forgot to mention, I love Tom and Jerry.

  • Birthdate: 21/October/1995
  • Phone: Click Here
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Address: Innovation and Incubation Centre, 1st Floor, NIT-Warangal
My skills
Graphic & Design skills
Language skills
  • jQuery
  • Flask Python
  • Django Python
  • Zend PHP
  • Code Igniter PHP
  • Ionic
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular JS
  • Angular Dart
  • Apache Cordova
  • Meteor JS
  • Backbone JS
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Bootstrap
  • Pyramid
  • Bottle
  • Qt
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Work & education
  • Software Engineering Intern
    May 2015 – August 2015

    Worked on a patent with the Microsoft Corporate Functions and Finance teams integrated into Visual Studio 2013+ now filed under USPTO.

  • Software Development Intern
    May 2015 – August 2015

    Responsible for building internal tools and products to benchmark developer performance and provide insights of project progress to the managers. I've worked on open source bugzilla integrations and distributed RPC systems along with GlusterFS.

  • Software Engineering Intern
    May 2015 – August 2015

    Third time continuous winner of the Microsoft Code.Fun.Do at NIT-Warangal campus and selected for the National Finals of the Microsoft Academic Accelerator Program.

  • Information Technology & Security
    June 2014 – July 2014
       Kuwait Oil Company

    An intern with the IT, Security and Audit teams at Kuwait Oil Company, to understand more about indepth details regarding usage of computers and thorough policies and security measures implemented in an oil company.

  • Software Engineering Intern
    May 2014 – July 2014

    As a part of the second cohort of Academic Accelerator and Microsoft India Development Center, I've interned working with Windows Phone, Windows Azure and Windows 8 Technologies.

  • Contributor and Committer
    March 2013 – Present
       Mozilla, Mozilla India

    As a person who believes in a free and an open internet for all, Mozilla was the step taken to contribute towards this aim along with a lot of other dedicated mozillians who share the same aim. As a contributor to Mozilla, I've contributed to various projects like Firefox, Mozilla Websites, Firefox OS, Support, Mentorship and Evangelism.

  • Contributor
    October 2013 – January 2014

    Contributed to the Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch.

  • Contributor
    July 2013 – September 2013
       Fedora Project

    Contributed to the Fedora project.

  • Software Engineering Intern
    May 2013 – July 2013

    As a part of the first cohort of Academic Accelerator and Microsoft India Development Center, I've interned working with Windows 8, Microsoft Kinect and Azure

  • Web Development Intern
    January 2013 – July 2013
       National Innovation Foundation ,
    The Honeybee Network

    Developed a portal for tracking of grass root innovations in collaboration with National Innovation Foundation, Govt.of.India and The HoneyBee Network, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

  • Web Development and Design
    December 2012 – April 2013
       Clouds Green

    Worked as a web developer and UX Desginer for CloudsGreen a startup dedicated to keeping track of one's bills on the clouds, reduce paper and never lose track of billings.

  • Technology, Entrepreneurship and Product Design
    June 2014 – June 2016
    Degree, Indian School of Business - Hyderabad

    The first cohort selection to parallel certification course from Indian School of Business - Hyderabad for the TEP programme.

  • Computer Science & Engineering
    July 2012 – May 2016
    Bachelors degree,
    National Institute of Technology - Warangal

    Undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering, working on various projects mainly targeted at Data Structures, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Natural Langauge Processing.

  • Grade 12 Secondary School CBSE
    July 2010 – March 2012
    Delhi Public School - Kuwait (FAIPS)

    Grade 12, Central Board of Secondary Education, graduated with 94%

  • Grade 10 School CBSE
    July 2007 – March 2010
       Delhi Public School - Kuwait (FAIPS)

    Grade 10, Central Board of Secondary Education, graduated with 9.8 CGPA

  • Basic Schooling
    June 2003 – May 2007
       India International School - Kuwait

    The school that gave me my basic schooling along with great childhood memories of amazing and fun teachers.

  • Competitive Coding
    June 2012 – Present

    Rank 2 - ProjectEuler India
    Rank 19 - ProjectEuler+ Worldwide
    Rank 1212 - SPOJ Worldwide

  • Open Source Code
    June 2012 – Present

    All the source code that I've written and left open source along with source code to organizations to which i've contributed is all present here

  • My Work Environment
    Mac OS X, El Capitan
    Windows 10.0

    Most of my design and development work if linux oriented is done on Mac OS X using my favorite text editors Sublime Text and Brackets. All Windows development is done on Windows 8 using Visual Studio 2015. My favorite cloud preference is Microsoft Windows Azure.

My Portfolio and Contributions
See More Projects
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Highest Distinction
    Stanford University

    AI Class.

  • Theoretical Computer Science
    High Distinction
    Universitat Tubingen

    Study of theoretical computer science.

  • Cryptography
    Rutgers University

    Study of cryptography in computer science.

  • Internet History,Technology & Security
    Highest Distinction
    University of Michigan

    Learning cryptographic techniques from the WWI Enigma and Bombe machines to the latest security procedures and advanced encryption standards.

  • Coding the Matrix :: Image Processing in Python
    Brown University

    Image processing using python as the programming language.Introduction to Digital signal processing and matrix theory for images and their manipulation.

  • Human Computer Interaction
    Stanford University

    Learning about various processes on how computers and humans can interact, the usage of senses into computers.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
    Stanford University

    AI for Robotics - Programming a Driverless car.

  • Algorithms - Crunching Social Networks
    Highest Distinction
    University of Virginia

    Study of Algorithms and how they are used in social networks, developing quick algorithms for analysing various structures in social networks.

  • Statistics and Probability
    Highest Distinction
    Stanford University

    Mathematics course on statistics and probability, a pre-requisite for Aritificial Intelligence.

  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    Highest Distinction
    University of Maryland

    Insights into various strategies that are required for a startup and how to pursue entrepreneuship. Learning about various types of investments and different ways to raise money for the startup.

  • Startup Engineering
    Highest Distinction
    Stanford University

    Software engineering practices to be used effecitvely by startups, defining and developing one's own crowd funding tool for raising startup capital.

Research & Conference Papers
  • Automatic Waste Segregation and Disposal System
    Conference Talk

    Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering.

  • Hospital Management Systems on Cloud
    Management, Science
    Conference Talk

    Winning talk at Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad 2012 for their business conference

  • Entrepreneurship - Easier for the illiterate
    Conference Talk

    Winning talk at Cura 2013 for their business conference.
    A personal insight and a live case example of trying to psychologically delve deeper into the true meaning of entrepreneurship.

  • Automatic Textile mapping and manufacturing
    Virtual Reality
    World Finalist, Intel

    Developing a system for automatically finding out the body dimensions of a person and virtually giving the shopping experience, Integrating with instrument control for automatic manufacturing.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Stock Markets
    Finalist, Microsoft

    Developing a system for automatically predicting the next stock price for a particular stock on the NASDAQ, BSE SENSEX and DOW markets.

  • Shifting IRCTC to cloud, its savings for Indian economy
    Engineering, Science
    Conference Talk

    Computer Science & Engineering. Submitted and shortlisted entry to Gandhian Youth Innovation Awards.

  • Early Cancer detection using M.Spectroscopy and Big Data
    Engineering, Science
    Research Paper

    BioTechnology, Computer Science, Mathematics
    [Under Review, Pending Publication]

  • Indexing Research Papers, ADC - FTP Distributed Computing
    Engineering, Science

    The existing INDEST system provided by MHRD, Govt.of India converted to ADC Protocol using distributed computing for quickly serving library content to students/researchers/professors in the rooms.

  • Using Computer vision and gamification to help dyslexic children learn faster
    Engineering, Science
    Conference Talk

    A game theory and gamification oriented technology to deal with a better and color coded procedure to make dyslexic children learn mathematic skills faster. Helping the dyslexic children lead a normal life.

  • Genetic Algorithms, Semantic Analysis of Stock Market trends
    Winner, Yahoo

    Analyzing the trends in the stock markets due to various factors like news, twitter trends, and correlating them to market responses.